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Twilight Array (In Development)
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About Humble Grove

Humble Grove is a UK based storytelling and game-making co-op made up of Cel Davison and Beck Michalak. The studio's first game No Longer Home was released in 2021, and they are currently working on newly announced project Twilight Array. The goal of the co-op is to work as a team to make rich narrative experiences that draw on diverse inspirations, and to do so sustainably for its members.

What is a co-op? In Humble Grove it means that the workers own the company. We make decisions collectively and there are no bosses.


Early History

Humble Grove was founded by Cel Davison and Hana Lee in 2015. After graduating university Hana’s visa ran out, meaning that they were forced to move back to Japan. They started developing what would later become Humble Grove’s first game No Longer Home together as a means of keeping connected from other sides of the world.

After having shown the game at worldwide events, winning and getting nominated for various awards and partnering with publisher Fellow Traveller, No Longer Home was released in the summer of 2021.


Humble Grove’s upcoming game Twilight Array will be its first release as a co-op. Although operating as one since its inception the values and principles of cooperation were legally enshrined into the company’s articles in June 2023. It also marks the first Humble Grove game made with Beck Michalak on the team, the newest Humble Grove member and project lead of Twilight Array.


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